Runick – From Idea to Prototype

Well met,
as a recent newcomer I think an introduction is necessary. So here we go, my name is Toni and I joined forces with Black Trumpet Games to bring you a new puzzle game called Runick.

Runick - LogoRunick is a 3D isometric simple, yet challenging puzzle game. The idea is to use the available shapes to adequately mark all the tiles on a given board. The shapes the user interacts with adhere to certain geometric principles and are as follows:

cuboids, which can be flipped over and mark all the tiles they cover

spheres, which can be rolled in a certain direction and mark all the tiles they roll over

Spherepyramids, which can teleport over tiles and mark the tiles they cover, since we all know pyramids can teleport in real life too ☺ (the capsule is used as a placeholder)


The player has to mark all the tiles appropriately to complete the level. Sounds quite simple right? It certainly can be, but also doesn’t have to be!

If you want to try out the game and experience it first-hand, before we go in a more detailed overview of the design, check it out on this link:

I challenge you to complete all the levels in the demo. Who doesn’t love a challenge, now you have to give it a try.

As you have noticed each shape can have a different rune (color) which makes things interesting and in the later levels more difficult. Shapes can change the rune (color) of an already solved tile turning it into an unsolved tile, this forces the player to think about each move ahead.

The Idea

So why this idea and how did I come up with it.

I am already a full-time game developer in Exordium Games and I love to make games so much that I also wanted to make even more games. That means I would have to make a game in my limited free time.

I built my idea on two constraints. First, the game must be simple, with easy to understand rules. And secondly, it should use geometric shapes and colors to communicate the rules to the player.

Games with geometric shapes and colors, as indicators of how the game should be played, always fascinated me. Those two constraints were used as the basics of the initial idea.

On top of all that I wanted the player to have the luxury to play the game whenever and wherever, that meant no time constraints and the ability to take a break anytime and pick it back up without penalties.

All of this resulted in these limitations:

– a small scope
– simple but interesting and challenging
– uses geometric shapes and colors
– can be played anytime, anywhere without pressure

The more constraints I had, the more my imagination flourished (weird, right?). At the beginning, I got the idea of a cuboid flipping on a board trying to mark all the tiles on it. This resulted in me making a prototype and testing it out. Then came the idea of 2 cuboids with different colors and markable tiles. The ideas just kept on coming and it seemed like the game was designing itself. Once I had a couple of levels I immediately uploaded it to my smartphone and showcased it around for feedback. And that’s how Runick was born!

I hope you liked the introduction of our new game, the next blog entry will cover level design, and boy do I love to talk about the level design of Runick. So be sure to follow us for more updates.


Next stop: Reboot Infogamer 2017

Black Trumpet Games got a chance to show Getaway Garden at the 2017 Reboot Infogamer in Zagreb. The team is working hard to move the project forward and to grab the attention of the general public.

Getaway Garden is getting some attention

Great news! Our team will present Getaway Garden at the 2017 Reboot Infogamer expo in our hometown Zagreb! This will be the first presentation of our game to the public. It is hard to believe that SGC was only a month ago. There we presented the game to our fellow game-devs mostly. 

People of Reboot were nice enough to offer small indies free spot at their great expo. An offer that can not be refused, so we grabbed it! So, fellow indie game developers reading this, keep an eye on the posts from Reboot team. There will probably be a chance for you to grab one of these free spots next year. Nice one Reboot! thanks!

Goals this time

This is a perfect chance to push Getaway Garden a bit forward, and also a great opportunity to gain some valuable feedback from the audience. Also, since this is a big public event, we are counting on more mainstream media being present and are planning to try to grab a bit of their attention too.

Featurewise we are concentrating at trying to remedy the biggest issues that disclosed themselves at the SGC presentation. (You can read all about these here). These are boldly being addressed by Filip the code ninja.

The feedback we will get this time will probably be less focused, but none the less relevant. It will be our first chance to hear real audience’s voice. It will be interesting to see if there is a difference in the opinions of the audience and our fellow game developers. I promise to keep you posted on this.

We have already sent our first call out to the press and would like to thank Andrej of Exordium Games for the valuable contacts of the local press people. The best support you can have is your local fellow game devs, a thing to remember!

Battery at 12%

All that said, we have noticed the results of our last month sprint. Personally, I am feeling the impact of more than a year of the feeling of imperative to progress with the project. And all of that in the after hours of the daily job. I can feel the toll of effectively working two jobs at the same time. It is funny how it is not really the actual work that tires me since there have been more than a fair share of days off from the project, but the sense of obligatory responsibility to the team effort and to myself. Brains are funny. So I’ll be taking a break… or to better put it, my brain will be taking one, just after the expo.

But fret not! It will be for the best of the project I assure you. There is plenty planned afterward. We have already laid some of the foundations to take the visuals to the next level.

All this means that you will not be seeing a lot of new things in the Infogamer build of Getaway Garden. Only subtle progress. Still, this sprint is very important to us on the publicity and playtesting side.


Stay tuned for the report how everything went! Until then ta-ta! Yeah! And don’t forget to comment. What is your say about burning out and about preparing for public events? Really, we see this as an experience exchange channel.