Getaway Garden

What’s it all about?

Getaway Garden is a relaxing puzzle game. The main character, Blue, makes his way through a number of spatial puzzles set in an enchanted, soothing environment. Blue progresses further and unlocks the contemplative secrets of different worlds by pushing obstacles, jumping over them or using them to bridge gaps.

The project

This is our first game as a team. We are developing it mainly in the after hours of our daily jobs. It is really a project of passion and true love for the medium. It might be a “small game” by today standards, however, it is being made meticulously without any compromises. We are using all the experience we have working on numerous other games and media projects of different kinds.

When will Getaway Garden be released?

Primarily when it is ready. However, we are planning to finish the production sometimes in 2018. The quality and our personal satisfaction with the final product is the highest priority since this is a project of love.

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