Challenge accepted, SGC 2017, here we come!

Challenge is to get the art ready too

The Challenge

So! Slovenian Game Conference 2017 is just around the corner. We feel the nice and friendly environment is just the right place to show our work publicly for the first time. We see this as a great opportunity to get feedback about Getaway Garden from visitors. Surely, our colleagues attending the conference will probably give some experienced advice too. But also it is a challenge to wrap up what we were working on last year into something meaningful. The short deadline is really working for us.

The Mission

Game Dev conferences like this are a great opportunity to put your ideas to test in an environment that is both highly critical, but also highly encouraging, creative and helpful.

Primarily we are planning to test our core gameplay mechanics, to see if they are fun, does gameplay feel satisfying. Next, we will test the basic controls. Is moving Blue around satisfying, smooth and natural. And lastly, we would like to gather some feedback on the direction the art is taking. Does it support gameplay, is it adding to the game, or is it distracting (hopefully not).

The plan

We will give our best to present ten functional puzzles set in a soothing enchanted lush swamp environment. We are also planning to arm ourselves with basic promo stuff to make our presentation stick out of the crowd a bit. The roll-up panel still waits to be designed, together with basic business cards, and who knows maybe even some team t-shirts.


Stay tuned to hear how all went!


Yes, we are super excited, and we hope it shows 😉




EDIT: read our report, how everything went here

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    1. Well, thank you Primož! It was a great pleasure meeting you and discussing both of our games, your feedback was most helpful and will surely find its way in the new, improved iteration of Getaway Garden.

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