Hello World!

Live at last

We are super excited that we opened this channel where we can update all of you dear people interested in what is cooking in our studio.

So, who are we?

Black Trumpet Games are a group of creative people with strong artistic and programming backgrounds, and even more importantly burning enthusiasm to make new games.

This post is not a proper introduction of our members (we plan to properly introduce ourselves soon enough) it is more of a welcome to all people of good will with interest in how we make games, how we plan to make games, and probably a bit of this and that on the side.

Thank you for coming, and by all means stay tuned, you might find out some interesting things looking from our perspective, as we know that we are going by hearing from you.

We are eager to hear from you so please do comment, your opinions are what this dev blog is all about for us, we want to hear your angle on the themes, as this will help us rethink, reinvent, and improve what we make for the rest of the world.

Cheers, and let this blog begin!